I have been researching different agencies to provide Digital and PR support to a new business venture. As a service provider it has really put me back in the mind of the consumer again. It made me remember that as a customer I am  not really interested in price – radical!

We are interested in return on investment. What will I get if I spend this money? Depending on the product or service the ROI could be a range of motivators such as pleasure, functionality, design, trendsetting or getting a minimum viable product.

So I came across three companies that tackled this in an alternative way where they have made it all about value so check it out. Check out these two examples of value based pricing. It really puts the responsibility to deliver on the provider and is the ultimate statement of self-belief about your offering!


And for those people who find it hard to price their service due to the wide number of variables affecting your pricing I thought that this dog grooming company took an interesting approach. Check out their website http://www.vanityfur.ie/services-price-list/ or their YouTube video