I was training with a group of entrepreneurs recently when I unfortunately got a catch in my throat. I spent the following couple of minutes intermittently coughing. It passed and I continued the training.

One of the entrepreneurs slipped out and brought me back a cup of hot water and lemon from the hotel bar and left it on the table for me. It was a small but beautiful act of kindness and I was really touched by it.

It got me thinking about the level of warmth and goodwill I felt as a result of that small yet powerful interaction. I will not forget either him or his business and will actively promote his business where I can. It reminded me that as entrepreneurs we are our brand all the time and every interaction we have with people is a “moment of truth” about who we are.

So if you happen to be looking for a place to dine in Dundrum, check out The Kitchen and say hello to Gill for me!