We provide different levels of service depending on the size and stage of your business. We offer consultancy for established businesses where we develop full marketing plans and support implementation. We also have specific coaching packages for early stage businesses.



Marketing strategy & action planning for business growth

At we work with a select small number of clients each year where we are a strategic partner to the leadership team. Together we establish business goals the business wants to achieve and how they will be achieved.

We have a clear 3 step process. Firstly, we have a Business Discovery Session  to understand your business goals and objectives. We then conduct research on your market and draft your organisational Marketing Strategy. The third step is then where we work together to turn that strategy into a practical Marketing Action Plan.

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Marketing sounding board for ambitions business leaders

Do you feel like you need to bounce your ideas off someone who can give you critical feedback? Do you have questions related to marketing that you need someone to give you simple and direct advice?

Our 1:1 mentoring gives you the chance to speak to a professional and shift your marketing plan to the next level. We have 5 and 10 hour coaching packages to solve whatever marketing issues you are facing in your business.

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Cost effective online tool for new business owners

Get access to our online Marketing Strategy Generator. Our system creates a 1 page marketing strategy.

It is our design of a lean model canvas for marketing.

You then receive 1:1 coaching to create a Marketing Action Plan for your business. Ideal for start up business owners with a limited budget. 

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Inspire and energise and empower your audience

Muireann offers mc services for groups from 50 to 300 plus people. As an experienced facilitator, she has trainer over 10,000 people in marketing, business planning and entrepreneurship in the last 10 years.  She is a mentor and trainer with 18 Local Enterprises Offices across Ireland.

“Blown away by the creativity of this lady after hearing her speak at LEO Enterprise week. She knows marketing inside out, upside down and back again but it’s the essence that she has truly captured and shares so freely for the benefits of her audience. Fantastic!” Jayan Walsh, Life & Business Coach

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Expert marketing services for the physio sector

Muireann is a leading expert in supporting the professional sector to develop marketing plans for their business. She has worked with physiotherapists, vets and accountancy practice owners to develop strategies to grow their business. 

Digital Practice is the official Digital Marketing partner for the national organisation, Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapy.  Digital Practice recently launched an innovative Social Media Subscription service where Physios get access to monthly physio specific content that is branded for their practice. This is now being sold in Ireland, UK and Canadian markets.

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Branded e-learning portal to sell your online content

If you have content that you think would make a great online course but are stuck in getting it up and out there – BrandedCourses can help! We take content from business coaches, consultancy, training companies, nutritionists and other business owners and turn it into an online course and e-learning portal. 

We have now helped business owners such as a Fertility Coach, Resilience and Leadership Coach, HR Consultancy Company, Health and Safety Training Organisation, a Language School and Logistics company get their content up on line so they can increase the income stream for their businesses.

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The clients we work with come to us with lots of ideas they could activate. Typically, there of often too many ideas and they feel disorganised. Our clients want to get CLARITY on which marketing ideas to pursue and to put STRUCTURE in place to harness those ideas into an actionable plan. That’s where we can help! Most importantly, as part of the process they gain the quiet CONFIDENCE that they are doing the right things by having talked through their ideas with an expert in marketing. If this sounds like you, lets talk!

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