The trend of personalisation was really energised through social media and online marketing. The ability to tailor news, information and marketing messages towards specific segments of the market. Add in the increased obsession with ourselves as individuals, as evidenced through our love of selfies, has led to the trend of brands bringing in personalisation to their brands. The coca-cola named bottles being a high profile example of it.

So what is the point? Brand affinity and brand loyalty. I was reminded of it yesterday when I went into a local shop after losing my wallet. The shop owner recognized me and generously lent me €4 to post an envelope I needed to get off before the close of business. There is a new retail outlet that opened  in our village that is competing with her. It is a bigger chain and is taking vital business away from her door. Her ability to adapt to my needs and give me a personalised service will be rewarded by my heart felt loyalty to her business. And…..I did repay the money the next day!

Marketing Trivia: How can I proactively add in an element of personaliation into my business product or service?