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We work with business owners and leaders to create campaigns that will ENGAGE and INSPIRE your target audience and help your reach your business targets. We help you get clarity and confidence that you are using the right marketing mix and give you a structure that helps you implement the strategy with ease.


What is marketing consultancy?

A marketing consultant is an external expert advisor who works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies. We evaluate your current marketing activities and advise on how to improve the plans. We help you to devise, plan, and implement marketing campaign across traditional and digital channels.

We help you to create a detailed marketing plan, determine a business’ marketing objectives and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get that message out to the target market. We then support you to implement and tweak campaigns as they go to ensure that you get the best results from their marketing efforts.

Who do we work with?

We work with two types of clients:

Scaling SME Businesses

National Organisations

We generally work with the owners of established SME’s to develop their marketing plans. In general, the companies we work with have been successfully operating for several years but know they need to put more focus on their marketing.

They want to have an expert to come in and look at their current practices and create a plan that supports their growth ambitions. We work with the business owner to create a cost-effective plan that gives structure to the marketing activities.

The goal is to create a plan that provides the business owner with clarity and confidence that they are doing the right things to get results.

We work with CEOs and Boards of national organisations to develop campaigns to engage the public with their work. We build multi-year campaigns that can be implemented by marketing administrators, and we also offer support the implementation of these plans over the period of the campaigns.

These typically involve multi-channel marketing mix campaigns which can include channels such as digital marketing, PR, radio, sponsorship, and influencer marketing.

We work with the organisations external suppliers such as web developers and graphic designers to bring campaigns to life for the target audience.

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When would you need us?

  • Supply expert skills and expertise that a company lacks.
  • Create compelling campaigns that tie all your marketing efforts together.
  • Support existing marketing staff by providing them with a clear marketing framework.
  • Offer an external viewpoint to internal challenges.
  • Provide a fresh perspective on customers or marketing strategies.
  • Allow a business to focus on core activities.
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What do you get?

Marketing & Business Strategy

We give you a Marketing Strategy that clarifies your objectives, and outlines your marketing mix and messages. As part of the process you also receive:


We also conduct a competitor review. We also audit  your current marketing activities and identify areas for improvement.

Social Media Strategy

We develop a content plan for your social media platforms to help increase engagement and reduce the time you spend on producing content.

Marketing Action Plan

We work with you to turn the strategy into an action plan. We co-create  a calendar that outlines the key actions to deliver the strategy and results.


We give you access to over 30 marketing templates for your team to use to implement your marketing plans.

Implementation Support

We typically meet up with our clients once a month or quarter to review and make adjustments to sharpen and shape the plan.

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Muireann also known as my ‘work counsellor’ is fantastic to work with. She always gives me a clear focus around ideas for sales and marketing at a time when I most need it. I love having her to lean off and bounce ideas off at various times during the year. She has her finger on the pulse when it comes to new initiatives in the world of digital marketing. Her expertise and specialist knowledge in optimising our campaigns has meant we’ve gotten results we couldn't have otherwise achieved in both our companies Nomos Ltd. and

Amy O'

We engaged Muireann with a loose concept of what we were looking for. She has a real-time skill of asking the correct questions as we developed our strategy, knowing what to use and equally, what to drop.

Muireann has in-depth knowledge of the marketing industry including trends and norms. I'd highly recommend Muireann.

Darragh LynchUccello Designs

Muireann has worked with the ISCP on a hugely successful national and regional marketing campaign to promote the role and importance of chartered physiotherapists to the Irish public. Muireann’s expertise and experience was crucial in ensuring that the campaign messaging was clear, concise and resonated with the target audience. I would highly recommend Muireann as the go-to person to devise and implement a successful marketing campaign.

Ruairi O'ConnorCEO, Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

Muireann worked for 10 years with the Women’s Mini Marathon developing the marketing and sponsorship strategy for the organisation. She developed multi-year campaigns for the organisations and then helped our team implement the plan each year. We engaged her to undertake research and develop our brand. She gave our marketing team clear direction and helped us achieve our goals. She was instrumental in acquiring and engaging our sponsors which is a critical aspect for the continued success of the organisation. Muireann is a great person to work with and I would highly recommend her.

Kathy EndersenFormer CEO, Women's Mini-Marathon
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