I used to work marketing for one of the biggest companies in the world. I had big marketing budgets, a good salary, a car and all the other perks that come along with working in the corporate world. I left because I wanted work that resulted in more than making a corporation more money. I wanted my effort and energy to result in something that benefited real people.

I finished off a great book this week by Biz Stone (Secrets of Success from the co-founder of Twitter). It is a simple and quick read but has some powerful ideas held within it. Towards the end of the book he speaks more about having work that has meaning. It really struck a cord with me and reminded me of why I struck out to set up my own business. .

A project that I was working on came to an end this week. Over the course of 12 weeks I had delivered creativity, marketing and business planning training to a group on behalf of my colleagues at the Entrepreneurs Academy. I was at the closing ceremony and there was a real swell of emotion as these group of entrepreneurs ended this part of their journey and were heading into the next phase of developing their business.

Whether it is in work or through the activities we do outside of work, there is nothing quite like the feeling of pleasure you get from seeing other people flourish. Have a great week!