This week I spent two days evaluating business planning presentations for QQI qualification. As a trainer with the Entrepreneurs Academy, I have had the great pleasure of working alongside 55 brand new business owners who are trying to set up businesses.

Today, I witnessed 25 fledgling entrepreneurs stand and bring their dream to life in a series 15 minute presentation. I visibly could see the difference in their faces, their postures, their tone and their enthusiasm from the people I met just 12 weeks ago. It was truly amazing.

So what would I put it down to? (other than the amazing training that I gave them!!!). It was the hard work that they put in combined with putting their thoughts down on paper. Today, in front of my eyes, they made their dreams real. That kernel of an idea that they had tucked away in their mind had life breathed into it through marketing research and planning.

When someone asks me …Do I really need to do a business plan?…..I will think about people like I had today in front of me. You don’t have to do a business plan (unless you are going for funding of course) but by god will you feel more confident about your business when you do!