Events and Trade shows are a great opportunity to show off our businesses and network with other interesting entrepreneurs. I have compiled a quick list of top tips to get trade show ready! Here are some quick reminders on ways you can prepare for the Biz Expo:

  1. Comfortable footwear: You are going to be on your feet walking around and meeting new people so wear comfortable shoes!
  2. “Just in case” clothes: You leave the house looking a million dollars and then on your way over in the car you spill coffee down you brand new white shirt! Put a spare set of clothes in your car just in case something happens and you need a change of outfit
  3. Branded Bag of Goodies: You do not have to have a stand to give away goodies. Bring a bag full of bootie to give to people that you meet at the event.
  4. Pen and Paper: Bring along a notepad to take down important information you hear at the event and also to capture some of the information you find out about your new contacts. It will help to remember what happened at the start of the day at the end of the day!
  5. Business Cards: Simple but effective. Have your business cards ready and within easy reach from your pocket or bag
  6. Name Badges: They are so helpful to reinforce your name with new contacts without them having to ask you a second or third time to repeat your name. Wear them in a place where they are easy to read.
  7. Smile: Remember to let your light shine and keep a smile on your face. It makes you more approachable and increases your own happiness at the same time!
  8. Follow Up: At the end of the day reflect on the people you have met and who you would like to connect with again. Within the next couple of days be sure to connect and follow through with your new network.

So, I look forward to seeing you at the BizExpo show and you will recognize me by the bright smile on my face! You can find me at the stand.