Writing an Effective PR Brief

You want to raise the public profile of your business. You have decided you need to do PR and want to hire a PR company to get your story out there. Now, it is about giving them enough ammunition to create great stories to share with your target audience. A clear PR brief will deliver you a stronger campaign for your brand.

PR Brief Template

A PR brief encapsulates the ambitions of you brand. It gives the PR agency details on your brand mission and specifically what you want to achieve from investing in PR. You want to include details on your brand objectives, timelines, desired outcomes, KPIs, budget and other important details that tell the agency what you are looking for and how they can meet the overall goals of the brand.

Without these pieces of information, you will not get the optimum plan for your brand that you are looking for. A good brief saves a lot of time on both sides!

You are not writing a novel so you can capture a few key bullet points under each heading. The PR agency will be able to use this as a launch point to figuring out your PR Strategy.

PR Brief Template

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