Social Media Audit

Giving you practical feedback and support on your social media strategy.

What is it?

You will have a marketing expert conduct a review on your social platforms in advance of a 1:1 one hour Strategy Session. The goal of this is for you to get feedback on your current activity and practical advice and tips on what works and how you can enhance your performance on socials.

You will also get access to best practice templates and guides so that you can manage your accounts more effectively.

Our Social Media Audit package is focused on helping you, as a business owner, in a very practical way develop a social media strategy for their business. It offers you the chance for to avail of an expert review of your social media channels.

Our Audits Include the Following:

Social Media Client Prework

You will be sent work in advance of the session to complete. This will give us some insight into your business before we do the 1:1 live session.

Social Media Audit

We review the pre-work and your social channels. A review document is created which outlines feedback and development ideas for the business.

1:1 Mentoring Session

Feedback is shared with you and best practice templates are showcased to help the you put structure on your content marketing plan.

Access to Social Media Templates have created specific social content planners and templates for our clients. Access to these templates will be given to you to use in your business.

Why is it Effective?


To have someone take the time to really review and consider your business and brand is a real gift to any business owner. Their time is valuable, and this mentoring clinic is focused on giving them a fresh perspective on their current activities.

Added Value Feedback

Our feedback is considered given that we have had the time to review their content properly and can give really add value in a strategic way to their business rather than general advice.


Our goal is to help simplify their approach to your strategy on socials. Our templates and feedback give them a clear structure on how to approach their next steps.


Our process is focused not only on improvements that can be made to the social media performance but also to give affirmative feedback on the areas that the entrepreneur is succeeding to help build their confidence in this area.

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What is included?

  • Social Media Audit
  • 60 mins 1:1 session
  • Access to Templates

Hear what Others had to Say!

Great to have a one to one with Muireann with all her good preparation before hand and good examples.

I would highly recommend this one to one session to anyone. Muireann was amazing, she did her homework on my SM and website before our meeting so her feedback was spot on. I was seriously impressed, I even received a Powerpoint with screen shots and points of feedback.... brilliant.

Productive, helpful, great to have an independent review to increase engagement. Excellent information, thank you.

I have found the session with Muireann excellent. She arrives in the session completely prepared and ready to dive into things. I have left both sessions with clear actionable goals and the confidence to put them into action. I have already begun to see the developments in our social media design and strategy. I highly recommend this session.

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