Create an Effective Marketing Calendar

Your marketing strategy will outline what you are selling, who you are selling it to, how you will price it, what tools you plan to use and what messages you want to focus on. A Marketing Calendar turns this strategy into an Action Plan.

Why your Marketing Calendar Matters

Increase Strategic Thinking

you are no longer making decisions on the fly and have taken the time to fully think through how your marketing will play out over the year. This enables you to make better decisions about how, when and where your efforts are best executed to drive results.

Marketing Channel Mix

You can check if you have the right mix of activities in your plan and are not over reliant on one marketing channel.

Workload Management

You can see if you have any times where you need to adjust either resources or expectations to support your plan.


It forces you to see how your budget is being spent over the year and be more realistic about what outcomes you can expect given the plan that you have in place.


Having a clear roadmap of activities enables you to plan better and evaluate whether there are some tasks that are more suited to outsource to a third party.

Types of Marketing Calendars

You can choose what way to approach your marketing timeline based on what YOU think will work best for YOUR business.

Traditional Marketing Calendar

One all-inclusive resource to plan every project and campaign in one place.

Quarterly Marketing Calendar

Taking your plan and breaking it down into a detailed robust plan for one quarter at a time.


A single template to organize each campaign (e.g. Product Launch Campaigns).

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