Green Marketing – Building A Sustainable Brand

This program is a must for business leaders and marketing professionals seeking to expand a successful and sustainable business. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create a successful sustainability-focused marketing communications plan and brand strategy.

What is it?

This program is catered to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals in leadership roles who want to ensure long-term success by leading a sustainability initiative and effectively communicating sustainability goals. It is perfect for those passionate about making a positive impact in their careers and on the environment.

The programme is delivered as a combination of live and online content.

There are 4 live modules. The modules focus on sustainability in marketing, marketing frameworks and legislation, marketing carbon footprint, and green consumer insight. The sessions include interactive discussions, peer learning, and hands-on exercises to help understand and implement sustainable marketing practices.

The online course consists of 6 module sessions with videos, checklists, and templates to help participants develop strategies for their business. It includes case studies and examples to illustrate concepts effectively.

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Our Live Modules Include the Following:

Sustainability & Marketing

Marketing Frameworks & Legislation

Marketing Carbon Footprint

Green Consumer Insight

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Our Course Content Includes the Following:


Consumer Insight

Brand Strategies




What is building a Sustainable Brand?

Building a sustainable brand involves creating a brand that is conscious of the environmental, social, and economic impacts of its products and operations.

This means considerate sourcing of materials, reducing waste and energy consumption, and promoting ethical labor practices throughout the supply chain. It also involves being transparent with consumers about these efforts and continuously seeking ways to improve sustainability practices.

Ultimately, a sustainable brand is one that strives to make a positive impact on people and the planet while still being successful in the marketplace.


Learn more by downloading the full programme details below.



€790 per day

Price Excludes VAT

What is included?

  • Sustainability & Marketing
  • Marketing Frameworks & Legislation
  • Marketing Carbon Footprint
  • Green Consumer Insight




€100 for 2 months access*

Price Excludes VAT

What is included?

  • Introduction
  • Consumer Insight
  • Brand Strategies
  • Legislation
  • Greenwashing
  • Communication

*As part of the programme

*This trade pricing is for Local Enterprise Office only. Toolkit is being sold directly to consumer at €450 RRP.

Hear what Others had to Say!

I had the opportunity to meet with Muireann to discuss our marketing plans having used her amazing online tool. I cannot believe the clarity I walked away with after a one hour session. As a startup, I’m currently wearing a lot of hats in the organisation but it’s easy to become a headless chicken when it comes to marketing. Muireann helped me prioritise and strategize my activities in a measured and focused way.

Emma-JaneJohnny Magory

We were lucky enough to be put in contact with Muireann and access her Marketing Coach Toolkit framework. From our first session with Muireann, it was clear to us that she has a deep knowledge of marketing and could translate her knowledge into clear and illuminating examples for us to understand things further. Her preparation enabled us to maximise our time with her and, over 3 sessions, we worked through our context, plans and actions going forward.

Paddy & JamesUpcycle Farm

Muireann was able to strengthen our route to market strategy and provide me with clarity for our marketing direction - something I have been searching for weeks has now been fixed in one small call. I now know where to go next and have a much clearer vision for the future of our business. I could not recommend her enough! Thanks, so much Muireann, we will be chatting again!

Anna CarmodyLittle Red Edu

I have found Muireann’s expertise, commitment to participants and reliability of great benefit to me as programme manager. The feedback from participants has been very positive. I have no hesitation in recommending Marketing Coach as a delivery partner.

Colm Ó MaolmhuireNew Frontiers Programme

Muireann was an absolute pleasure to work with when delivering our 2021 DLR Creatives programme. Everything was run on time and there was an open communication line throughout the 8 weeks. Muireann was always reachable, extremely professional, and always had our participants best interests in mind. Most importantly, we received glowing reports back from our course attendees.

Anthony CloonanLEO DLR

Muireann’s approach is very practical and I feel I have gained more confidence in myself as a business owner and leader. We managed to take some new actions regarding our marketing strategy and map out a new structure for the rest of the year. It’s great to share challenges and opportunities with like-minded people and the group was really lovely and supportive of one another.

Silvana Landa McAdamLANDA
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