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Welcome to MarketingCoach .ie’s Green Marketing Training!  

This online course is your gateway to mastering green marketing. Whether you’re a marketing professional, brand manager, or an entrepreneur, this course is designed to transform your approach to marketing with a sustainable edge.  

 Creating a green marketing strategy means integrating sustainability into your marketing activities to promote products or services that are environmentally friendly. 

Sustainable marketing is crucial in today’s context for several key reasons:  

  • it addresses environmental challenges, 
  • it aligns with consumer expectations and demands 
  • it can help foster customer engagement 
  • enhances brand reputation,  
  • and contributes to long-term business resilience. 

 Investing in sustainable practices is good for the environment and good for business. During this course you will discover the essence of how to market sustainability and learn how to craft a powerful green brand.  

 Our aim is to provide you with an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in this area. We also share with you the sustainability frameworks and standards so that you can understand the guidelines and implement strategies that are in line with best practice.  

 We dive into real-world case studies, engage in interactive exercises, and share valuable insights to help you communicate your sustainability impact successfully.