CMII Credit Essentials


About this Course

An effective and efficient credit control department is important to the health of every organisation. The most important asset within the department are the people who run it and making sure they are adequately trained is critical

Designed by experts in credit management, the CMII Credit Essentials course enables you to access the course material on any digital device anywhere, anytime. Study at your own pace with regular learning checks to make sure you are getting full value from the course. 

The course will give context, purpose and practical skills in the collection of credit. The content covers the skills and issues that have a daily relevance. Students who complete the course may use the designate of CMII Credit Technician and will receive free membership of the Credit Management Institute of Ireland(CMI).

Expected outcome

An individual completing this course will now have the skills to improve the cashflow performance of the organization they work in. They will understand their position and importance within their organization and have the knowledge and confidence to deal with any situation they are likely to encounter.

I recognition of your achievement in completing this course you will receive a CMII accredited qualification, free which is the first step on their credit education path.

Who is this for?

  • Individuals looking for an accredited qualification
  • Companies that want to improve their collections results
  • Staff that are new to collections
  • Experienced collectors looking to refresh their skills

Key Components

Collection Call Skills

Negotiations Skills

Issue Handling

Abusive Clients

Time Management

Vulnerable Clients

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