Brand Values are the Heart of Every Business

Your values are at the very core of your brand, and they are there to guide your message, identity, and message. They will influence the actions you take and how you engage with every stakeholder in your business. Modern consumers are more aware and compelled by brands that act according to strong values in how they do business in the world.

What do you stand for?

Your brand values are the guiding principles that shape the decisions you make for your business. They articulate what you stand for. They are a standard for the behaviours and decision making in your business.

There is no point in putting up a list of values on the walls of your office. You need to LIVE them in everything you do within your business. It should guide how you behave towards you employees, suppliers, customers and how you communicate with the public. 

Your values become more important when you have to make tough choices in your business. Your vision and mission should be aligned to your company or brand values.

This template has a 3 step process to understanding and refining your Brand Values.



Brand Values Guide


Brand Values Master List


Brand Values Template

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