Do you feel like you need to bounce your ideas off someone who can give you critical feedback? Do you have questions related to marketing that you need someone to give you simple and direct advice?

Our 1:1 mentoring gives you the chance to speak to a professional and shift your marketing plan to the next level. You have an hour to discuss whatever marketing issues you are facing at the minute in your business.


We work with business owners on a 1:1 basis to help you build a Marketing Plan for your business that will help you attract more customers. We have a simple coaching process

STEP 1: You get access to our bespoke online tool “MarketingCoachToolkit” which will produce a 1 page marketing strategy for your business

STEP 2: You will receive 1:1 coaching to create a Marketing Action Plan for your business

STEP 3: You will receive by post a printed copy of your marketing plan plus additional bonus guides to support the implementation of your plan


Do you feel like marketing is just not working for your business? Are you struggling to figure out what platforms to use for your business? Do you have lots of ideas but are not sure how to pull it together into a plan?  Our workshops give you the opportunity to sit down with a marketing professional and figure out the best way to market your business. We create bespoke coaching sessions that will help you figure out the best plan for you to get more customers and increase profit.

‍Coaching areas include:

  • Establishing budgets and objectves
  • Identifying key channels to market your business
  • Strategies to maximise impact of your marketing plan
  • How to create Word of Mouth



As a business grows, business owners often realize that they need to bring in professional marketing expertise in to their business. The challenge is that the business often cannot afford the personal at the quality they are looking for.

MarketingCoach.ie is a senior management level outsource option for business owners.

MarketingCoach.ie works with a select small number of clients where we are a strategic advisor to the CEO of the business. Together we establish business goals the business wants to achieve. Meetings are then held at agreed where the business owner can work through their plan with a professional.

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