Snapshot Research


 The recent survey of SME business owners, “Marketing Coach Snapshot”, found that traditional relationship marketing had more impact on sales than digital marketing.  Over half of those surveyed reported that word of mouth, face to face contact, networking and referrals were the number one driver of sales for their business.

Despite the fact that digital was noted as being responsible for just 22% of sales of SME’s surveysed, it was found that digital marketing was the favoured tool by 49% of those surveyed. Although 51% of business owners attributed relationship marketing to sales, only 18% rated it as their preferred marketing tool. Email marketing was shown to be both a favoured marketing tool at 18% and as a strong leader in delivering sales at 11%.

Speaking about the research, Chief Executive of Muireann Fitzmaurice says

 “This latest research confirms what most business owners know instinctively. Relationship marketing is the cornerstone of SME growth and sustainability. With over €9billion being spent online last year by Irish consumers, according to the latest IEDR research, digital represents a great opportunity for Irish businesses to grow. Combining the new and the old is the key challenge for business owners going forward.”

25% of business owners reported the need for help in developing their marketing and brand strategy and 51% of entrepreneurs wanted support specifically with their digital plans (content creation, advertising and strategy).

The new report by revealed that the average marketing spend for the SME’s surveyed was €39,000.

This research was conducted with 100 business owners at the recent Sales and Marketing Summit held in Dublin in June 2017. The report was conducted to assess the marketing tools used by SME’s and the true impact of the tools on the bottom line. is a vibrant marketing agency that works with CEO’s to develop marketing strategies that drive sales.

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