I believe that every person has potential that they want to express in their lives. Some people are lucky to find that in their jobs. I find in most of the entrepreneurs that I meet have a massive drive to reach their own potential. They have chosen a different path, to turn their passion, skill or idea into a business. I am really lucky to that on a daily basis with MarketingCoach.ie I get to help business owners like you figure out how to make your passions profitable.

Why do people come to us?

People come to me when they realise they need expertise to help understand how to market their business. Most do not need help with marketing ideas but actually need help with putting a structure around those ideas. Like you, they have reached a point where they have realised that they are doing marketing on the fly, they have had success but feel that they are not being strategic and really maximising their opportunity.


We can support businesses with all the usual marketing services (graphic design, website builds, social media etc.). Where we really add value is in our Marketing Coaching where we help you develop the marketing backbone of the business. This is really helping the you to understand WHO they are trying to target, WHAT tools they should use to get those customers and HOW they can use those tools effectively & efficiently. We help you harness your ideas in a way that is both strategic and practical. Going through this process with us and having the support of a Marketing Coach really enables you to feel confident that you are doing the right things to grow your business.

Background & Experience

Muireann Fitzmaurice is the dynamic and passionate entrepreneur behind MarketingCoach.ie. Muireann is an experienced marketing professional 15 years experience of marketing a wide range of products and services. She has worked in Marketing and Sales for B2B and B2C brands such as Pepsi, Club Orange, Volvic, Perrier, Flora margarine, Slimfast, Vie, International Airline Marketing and Agra Trading. She was an International Commodity Trader of Beef and Seafood and was heavily involved in the import and export market. She worked as the Senior Marketing Manager, responsible of a turnover in excess of €25million, during her time in the multinational company Unilever.


MarketingCoach.ie was launched in 2011. We have worked with clients from small and large companies to develop their marketing plans. We have worked with brands in the craft sector, professional services, building and trades, food brands, entertainment, tourism, media and holistic sectors.

MarketingCoach.ie has been a Strategic Advisor to the Vhi Womens Mini Marathon for many years. Each year she creates the Communication Strategy for the organisation, supports the acquisition of key sponsors, conducts market research and advises the CEO and Board of Directors. .This event is the largest all female event in the world and Ireland’s largest one day charity event. Over 35,000 women participate in the event each year. 

Since 2012, Muireann has joined forces with the Entrepreneurs Academy, the number one training company in Ireland for Entrepreneurs. As a lead trainer in the Entrepreneurs Academy, Muireann has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to help create new businesses and creatively stay in business. Muireann specialises in owners/managers on idea generation, business planning, marketing, social media and personal development.

MarketingCoachToolkit Success

in 2017, MarketingCoachToolkit was launched. It is an online tool that creates a one page Marketing Strategy for business owners. It has now been used by over 70 businesses from Australia, Poland, UK and Ireland. They are from different business sectors from architects to elderly home care, photographers to art studios.It works really well for organisations who support business owners either via mentoring or in developing their business plans for funding.  

If you would like to work with us or find out how we can specifically add value to YOUR business simply call us today!