We are very excited to launch our brand new online tool that will generate a marketing plan for your business! We have created a system that can help you organise your marketing ideas and turn them into a marketing Action Plan for your business. You can develop a strategic blueprint for your business from the comfort of your own home!

The  Marketing Coach Toolkit will take you through a step by step process creating a brilliant plan for your brand!

We can help you create a powerful marketing plan for your business that will boost your business straight away!

A Tool to Grow Your Business

Marketing Coach Toolkit is an innovative online system to help you create a marketing plan for your business. It will help you

  • Clarify your niche market
  • Choose the right marketing channels
  • Decide what messaging you should use in your communication
  • Produce a marketing action plan for you!

With our interactive technology we take your answers & turn them into an ACTION PLAN for your business that you can use. We also have a follow up system to help ensure that you implement the plan to get the result you want = more customers! And all for only $79 dollars!

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I have been working with Small Businesses for years and one of the key barriers for SME’s getting a marketing consultant is the cost!

I wanted to give SME’s the same benefit that they would get from sitting down with expert marketing consultant at a FRACTION of the cost.

I designed this tool so that it inspires you to answer critical questions about your business. It challenges you to think through your marketing ideas. It then takes your information, churns it around in its marketing belly  & produces an amazing 1 page marketing plan bespoke for your business.  Then you can invest your money into putting the marketing plan into action! You will have a clear, structured plan on how you are going to get more customers!

Muireann Fitzmaurice

Founder, MarketingCoach.ie

Our new Toolkit is a brilliant resource for Start-ups and SMEs that want to create a professional marketing plan.